Moscow Water Supply Complex

₽ 1,500,000,000

Representing the client in three related judicial disputes with an energy company regarding an energy supply agreement.

P&I Insurance

$ 45,000,000

Representing the client in a dispute regarding damages caused by the collision of a tanker with a berth in port. SBP’s lawyers aimed to secure the release of the arrested vessel by ensuring that the parties agreed upon other forms of injunction.

Energy company

₽ 11,000,000,000

Representing the client in disputes with minority shareholders who opposed a squeeze-out and claimed related damages, and against claims to invalidate the squeeze-out and to invalidate several share purchase agreements.

Transport company

₽ 63,000,000,000

Complex project representing an issuer in disputes with bond holders, with total project capitalization over ₽ 60 bln. The project was complicated by the necessity of applying foreign law, by covenants linked to Eurobonds, and by the number of parties to the disputes.

State-owned Irish bank

€ 500,000,000

Comprehensive protection of Irish Bank Resolution Corporation in a number of legal disputes (bankruptcy, corporate disputes, recovery of assets and challenging contracts) aimed at the recovery of assets illegally siphoned off from the client (complex litigation, more than 30 cases).

Swedish corporation

$ 16,000,000

Representing the client in a corporate dispute complicated by a foreign element (complex litigation, more than ten cases). The purpose of the dispute was to restore control over the client's assets. The dispute was heard by the Commercial Panel of the Russian Supreme Court (Case No. 309-ЭС14-923).

Swedish corporation

$ 5,000,000

Representing the client in a corporate conflict relating to the recovery of assets in Rostov-on-Don (complex litigation, six cases). The conflict was complicated by the necessity of applying foreign law. The dispute was heard by the Russian Supreme Arbitrazh Court (Case No. ВАС-11777/13).

President of development company

₽ 1,800,000,000

Defending the president of a major construction company against two related claims for damages (tax demands and compensation for inflated construction costs).

Group of investors of Trust Bank

₽ 2,500,000,000

Advising on two related cases regarding the recovery of monies from Trust Bank and cases involving claims by Trust Bank seeking to invalidate parts of agreements between the bank and depositors.

Insurance company

₽ 120,000,000

Successful preparation of a response to an audit act from the Bank of Russia. Significant allegations that threatened the suspension and eventual revocation of the client’s license were successfully refuted.

Manufacturer of dietary supplements

Establishment of the client's legal position and analysis of the rights to several real estate properties (architectural due diligence) in the course of protecting against potential claims related to the location of the company's Moscow office.

Tractor factory

₽ 120,000,000

Defending the client against tax claims related to R&D spending, intragroup transfer of loans, and sale of products to related parties.

Energy company

Representing the client in disputes with minority shareholders who opposed to squeeze-out and claimed related damages, and against claims to invalidate such squeeze-out and to invalidate several share purchase agreements.

Regional agricultural producer

₽ 3,000,000,000

Representing the client in court over the course of an investment project. Recovery of unearned advance payments to the general contractor and defense against counterclaims (more than 20 court cases).

Russian machine-building holding

₽ 87 000 000 000

Participation in representation of the client in a debt conflict. Restructuring of a syndicated loan issued by Vnesheconombank and a group of private banks. Analysis and evaluation of tax consequences, tax advice, structuring of various options for resolving the conflict, and participation in negotiations between the parties.

Russian agricultural producer

₽ 156,000,000

Advising on several tax disputes related to the specific nature of agricultural tax accounting, tax accounting for state aid, and thin capitalization.

Private operator of communal facilities

₽ 876 000 000

Advising on several VAT and income tax disputes relating to a concession agreement concluded with the Administration of Voronezh. Shaping case law in the matter of recording concession payments as expenses.

Oil company

Advising on the restructuring of the issuer's obligations in two issues of bonds by holding a general meeting of bond holders and amending bond issue documents.

Manufacturer of chemical products

Advising on the reorganization of a major manufacturer of potassium products through the acquisition of another company, and also defending the client in injunction proceedings issuing from a dispute over the swap ratio.

Energy company

Disproportionate split-up of a regional energy operator between its two majority shareholders, with minority shareholders rights protected in full.

Venture fund

Representing the client in a corporate conflict with the investment project team. Establishing the client's legal and negotiating positions, and finally securing an interest in the new company.

IT company

₽ 96,000,000

Advising on a dispute with a tax authority requiring proof of the fact of acquisition and receipt of the source code related to a unique personal data processing product.

Foreign gold mining corporation

Drafting a legal opinion for Toronto Stock Exchange relating to the status of a Russian company's rights to a large gold ore field and the validity of a license issued, as well as a due diligence report concerning the holder of an exploration license and its parent company.

French engineering company

₽ 220,000,000

Recovery of a large debt from the designer of Lakhta Center, Saint Petersburg, in view of the failure to pay for building information modelling of utilities infrastructure for the building.

Power supply company

₽ 160,000,000

Resolution of a major dispute involving the performance of a share purchase agreement in respect of the shares of a holding producing LED systems.


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